Quick-Point® from Lang UK

    Quick-Point® from Lang UK

    Supplied ByLang-Technik

    Added to MTD CNC: Fri Oct 09 2020

    LANG Technik UK has been established to provide sales and application support for new and existing customers of the market leading 5 Axis Workholding

    Detailed Specification

    As an interface between the machine table and clamping device, Quick-Point is offered in an extremely wide range of variations. It let’s you adapt to the changing needs of your business by reducuing setup times with a fast, accurate and repeatable system. Offering round, rectangular or square plates, for single or multiple clamping, Quick-Point provides a solution for every machine table and application. It can be used in vertical and horizontal machining centres, on 3- and 5-axis tables and 4th axis rotary or trunnion systems. The attachment of the zero-point plate to the machine table or faceplate is done easily through prefabricated hole patterns for common t-slot distances, bore patterns and bolt circles or individual, customised mounting options.


    • Reduction of Setup Time
    • High-precision exchange of clamping devices, fixtures and workpieces within seconds and repeatable within 0.005mm
    • Modularity
    • Enormous variety of combinable zero-point plates, expandable at any time
    • Simplicity
    • Mechanical clamping with a single lead screw or quick release handle