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    You've looked at the possible machine tool vendors, narrowed down your option based around specific components and production parameters - but is

    Detailed Specification

    Combining all machining and measuring operations into a single MILLTURN complete machining centre from WFL massively increases the efficiency of your manufacturing. The unique MILLTURNTM machine concept and turning-boring-milling unit with gearbox guarantees unparalleled chipping performance with the highest level of precision. An investment that pays dividends very quickly.


    Find the right MILLTURN for your application:

    WFL currently has over 20 different MILLTURN models available: With turning lengths from 1000 to 14000 mm and turning diameters from 520 to 2000 mm, an extensive range of workpieces can be machined completely. Almost all MILLTURN models are also available as counter spindle variants (with the identification – G).



    • Wide range of machining technologies
    • Highest level of productivity
    • Highest stability and precision
    • Highest flexibility in manufacturing

    This machine is available now please contact Kyal Machine Tools:- 01858 467182