Thompson 8 300T single ended friction welding machine

    Thompson 8 300T single ended friction welding machine

    Supplied ByKUKA UK

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    Over 50 years ago, KUKA established rotary friction welding as an industrial joining process. The product portfolio of KUKA welding machines was expan

    Detailed Specification

    More than 800 Thompson friction welding machines are in production around the globe by world leading OEMs and Tier 1 manufacturers using models specifically designed for joining truck axles, drill pipes, rods, hydraulic cylinders and piston rods. The acclaimed Thompson machine range is designed and manufactured at the same facility at Halesowen in the United Kingdom.

    Machine specification:

    Machine Tonnage: 300 tonnes

    Application suitability: PR;AX;DP;DR;PS;TR;GP



    300T single ended piston rod application machine – configured option


    PR Piston rod

    AX Axle

    DP Drill pipe

    DR Drill rod

    PS Prop shaft

    TR Track roller