KUKA metallurgical laboratory – supporting friction weld expertise


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    Over 50 years ago, KUKA established rotary friction welding as an industrial joining process. The product portfolio of KUKA welding machines was expan

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    KUKA’s metallurgical investigations range from straightforward elemental analysis to in-depth studies of failure or fracture mechanisms, a series of visual, metallurgical and mechanical inspections and checks for instance, hardness surveys, micro and macro inspection, mechanical testing including bend testing and tensile testing. We also offer materials selection advice, assessing their suitability for friction welding and recommending improvements where appropriate.

    Rotary friction welding, like any welding process can have an impact upon the properties of the materials that are being bonded, for that reason, prior to a product being released to market, KUKA can conduct a series of testing and analysis using SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) alongside EDAX methods (Energy Dispersive Analysis X-ray) conducted on premise by Professor Kameel Sawalha – Specialist in the examination of the integrity of all types of welding including rotational and Linear friction welding of all types of materials.