Centralised oil & coolant filtration and redistribution systems

    Centralised oil & coolant filtration and redistribution systems

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    J&S Engineering UK Ltd is a company with over 25 years of expertise within the UK machine tool industry. Our company specialises in providing solu

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    For customers looking to recycle and reuse their machine cutting oil and coolant, it is an important consideration that the efficiency and performance of their tooling machines is maintained by ensuring adequate treatment and filtration / micro filtration of these lubricants.

    We offer highly specialised, customised, designed and built centralised systems for the treatment and filtration of used machine oil and coolant with workshop recirculation for lubricant reuse.

    Available in various capacities, the collection tanks are fitted with self-cleaning filtration systems for filtration and micro filtration to produce oil or coolant free from metal swarf chips and sludge.

    The filtered coolant or oil can be recirculated to machines / machining centres around a customer’s factory with options for automatic or manual re-filling systems.

    As all systems are bespoke and we offer a full consultancy service from design through to delivery and installation

    Please contact us to discuss your requirements.