Joemars NP Series CNC Die Sink EDM

Detailed Specification

Efficiency meets reliability with Joemars NP CNC Die sink EDM,

The NP series of EDM machines are known for their precision, efficiency, and reliability. Whether you are in the aerospace, automotive, medical, or mold and die industry, our EDM machines can help you achieve your manufacturing goals.

The NP features our most sophisticated control, for simple operations conversational programming can be used to quickly and efficiently produce a program to get you sparking.

For more complex or for repeated work, GM Code can be used to fully automate set up and operation allowing for long periods of unmanned running.

Features include:

  • The more advanced of our CNC machines with faster cycle times that increase machining speed, and efficiency in your workshop.
  • Complex orbits are available utilising the NP’s more sophisticated controller.
  • This machine is customisable to a business requirements with tool changers, C Axis and part indexers available as required.
  • Exceptional performance – The duel high and low voltage current discharge allows faster stock removal rates and uniform surface finish.

For dimensions and specifications please see photos or visit Eurospark Website.

Larger machines are available along with a wide range of customisations being available from build to fit your specific business needs.

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