Joemars AZ Series ZNC Die Sink EDM

Detailed Specification

One of the least complicated EDM machine on the market, the AZ series is our best selling range of ZNC Spark Erosion machines featuring the Fuzzy Logic Control System

At a single glance, the machine operator has a visual overview of the complete machining process. From the 3 axes DRO showing the electrode position to the specific machining parameters, set by only 4 operator inputs:-

  • Electrode type and material to be machined
  • Electrode size
  • Electrode wear rate
  • Maximum current

Once the above is entered, along with required depth of cut the machine will auto set, and carry out machining automatically. It will alter setting if it encounters poor cutting conditions, and revert once they are cleared.

Programmable Z axis – 50 programs can be saved, these can be a single step or up to 10 steps

Each step can contain 12 different machining parameters. The machining parameters can be modified at any time during cutting without affecting the stored program.


Using the fuzzy logic control system, most users have seen considerable improvements in machining time, surface finish, and electrode wear.


The AZ series is available in various sizes to suit needs,

If you have any specific requirements get in touch with Eurospark as bespoke machines can be manufactured to fit your needs.



Work tank size: 830x500x300mm

Work table size: 600x300mm

X,Y,Z travel: 300/200/200 (+200 in W)

240L Integral dielectric tank

Free standing generator


Work tank size: 1060x600x340mm

Work table size: 650x400mm

X,Y,Z travel: 400/300/200 (+200 in W)

340L external dielectric tank

Free standing generator


Work tank size: 1250x660x420mm

Work table size: 750x520mm

X,Y,Z travel: 500/400/300 (+200 in W)

570L external dielectric tank

Free standing generator


Work tank size: 1400x830x540mm

Work table size: 920x600mm

X,Y,Z travel: 600/500/280 (+300 in W)

1040L External dielectric tank

Free standing generator

Generators are available in 50, 75 or 100 amp variants

(Larger Models are also available)

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