Joemars AWT Series Wire EDM

Detailed Specification

Cutting-Edge Performance, Powered by Joemars Wire EDM

This range of machines was designed around reliability and affordability without sacrificing function, cutting speed or surface finish.

Features Included as standard:

  • user-friendly, touch screen PC based Windows control.
  • upgraded SPR sparking circuit offers 40% increase in cutting speed over previous generation machines.
  • approach cut and corner/arc compensation for increased stability
  • Vertical/taper/4 axis machining (+/- 24° over 80mm)
  • 4 cut technology for fine finishing.


  • water cooling, deionisation and filtration system to maintain water quality.
  • high speed auto-wire threading including an intelligent wire cutting device.
  • high precision class C1 Ball screw with ground and sub-zero treatment.
  • single shot lubrication system.
  • box type cast machine body, for added stability and rigidity.
  • Semi-submerged system ensures hardened stainless steel worktable is at a stable temperature.
  • AC servo motors provide high reliability and consistent wire tension.

Specifications can be found in the attached photos or alternatively on the Eurospark website.

A machine is held in stock available for test work or demonstrations at our Leicestershire showroom

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