Hydrafeed Workholding Equipment

    Hydrafeed Workholding Equipment

    Supplied ByHydrafeed Ltd

    Added to MTD CNC: Tue Mar 17 2020

    Hydrafeed Limited are a leading supplier in CNC Barfeeds, Automation Solutions and a full range of precision engineering products which are backed up

    Detailed Specification

    Acro-Grip 5C Collet Closer

    Hydrafeed’s Acro-Grip 5C Collet Closer system is an alternative method of work holding for any centre lathe. It offers a precise and controlled parallel grip for the workpiece. By a simple mechanical adjustment, clamp force can be adjusted to suit fragile thin-walled workpieces

    Standard fitting to any centre lathe

    Concentricity of .0075mm

    Ideal for 2nd operation work

    Holding pressure easily adjustable

    Clamping force is equally distributed all-round the diameter of the work piece

    Components loaded/ unloaded in seconds

    Oversize soft bore collets and internal bore collets available

    Guaranteed for 1 year

    Manufactured in the UK

    Pneumatic 5C Collet Block

    Operated by standard shop air of 80 PSI, Hydrafeed’s pneumatic 5C Collet Block is designed to be mounted directly on to the machine table.

    Pneumatic operation

    Accepts all types of 5C tooling

    Mounted directly to machine bed

    Quick and easy component load removal

    Solid aluminium construction

    Guaranteed for 1 year

    Manufactured in the UK

    Bespoke solutions available.