Hydrafeed Special Projects

    Hydrafeed Special Projects

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    Added to MTD CNC: Thu Mar 19 2020

    Hydrafeed Limited are a leading supplier in CNC Barfeeds, Automation Solutions and a full range of precision engineering products which are backed up

    Detailed Specification

    Hydrafeed undertake special projects to provide engineered solutions to manufacturing processes, operations and automation

    Previous special projects have interfaced with many different manufacturers’ machine tools giving bespoke solutions to suit customers’ specifications. Our capabilities of design through to complete fabrication, manufacture and assembly gives us full control of the project.

    X-Tract unloaders – removal of shafts from a sub spindle of up to 1.5m long

    Extended shafts supported outside the confines of the lathe headstock

    Special profile shape of material, supported and barfed

    Soft handling of material

    Bespoke software to suit applications

    Standard products extended and shortened to accommodate space

    Special guarding

    We have been able to automate various work holding and dynamic parts via hydraulic, pneumatic and servo-driven integration controlled through bespoke PLC ladder logic.

    If you have any bespoke requirements in your manufacturing that you wish to automate, or you have any purpose-built equipment requirements, please contact Hydrafeed and we will work with you to provide a solution.