Hydrafeed Bar Support Unit

    Hydrafeed Bar Support Unit

    Supplied ByHydrafeed Ltd

    Added to MTD CNC: Thu Mar 12 2020

    Hydrafeed Limited are a leading supplier in CNC Barfeeds, Automation Solutions and a full range of precision engineering products which are backed up

    Detailed Specification

    A Bar Support Unit (BSU) can be fitted to any of the Hydrafeed short magazine Barfeeds

    The BSU is installed between the front of the Barfeed and the rear of the lathe. It has a robust build quality with heavy duty bearings that support the bar, reducing bar-whip and vibration

    The BSU provides the facility to run bars longer than the lathe headstock, and safely supports any bar revolving outside the confines of the lathe headstock. Users are able to cut standard 3 metre bar lengths in half, which prolongs unmanned running time and minimises material wastage

    Different lengths of BSUs are available and can be used as a standalone piece of equipment where a Barfeed is not required.


    Robust construction

    Heavy duty bearings

    Manufactured to suit the profile of the Barfeed

    Covers of the BSU are interlocked to the Barfeed

    BSU rotates with the bar

    Easily moved to provide clear access to the rear of the machine tool

    CE Certified


    Reduced bar wastage

    Longer unmanned running times