Halter TurnStacker Compact 12

Detailed Specification

Halter TurnStacker

The TurnStacker Compact 12 is a robotic loading solution for turning with the smallest footprint in our TurnStacker product range. It has a high capacity for diameters up to 160 mm.

Increase your efficiency with a set up time that is shorter than 5 minutes and prepare a new batch while the robot is running.

The TurnStacker Compact is easily moved from one CNC machine to another.

Rigid industrial construction

Rotating loading table

Full enclosure and protection

Placed on 3-point self-centering anchors

Fanuc 6-axis robot arm

Drip tray for leaking coolant

Workpiece turn-around station for two-sided machining

Status light

Standard robot-machine interface for every CNC machine

Intuitive and graphical programming in 12 steps

15 inch Touch screen

Free choice of pre-installed language

Input can be entered in inches or mm

Software analysis for machine utilization

Automatic program storage

Max. number of CNC machines to connect with 4


Workpiece turn-around function for two-sided machining

Unload-only function in combination with bar feeder

Inside and outside gripping

Workpiece loading in chuck with or without pressure star

Adjusting airblow distance

Working with spindle orientation of the CNC machine

Eccentric loading and unloading

Robot park positioning button


Unloading workpiece on pallet

Unloading workpiece on external fixed position, e.g. conveyor belt

Unloading of residual material

Collecting a workpiece from a revolver tool

Cleaning of workpiece outside the CNC machine

Positioning workpiece on measuring station

Removal of rejected workpieces

Workpiece side-gripping

Radial positioning of the workpiece in the chuck

Customer-specific functionalities

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