Workpiece-specific solutions & Optional functionalities

    Workpiece-specific solutions & Optional functionalities

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    Halter helps companies in aerospace, manufacturing, machinery and automotive achieve greater efficiency and profits from their CNC machines. With a te

    Detailed Specification

    Halter’s application engineering team can design grid plates and special gripper fingers for your specific workpieces. For example, if you want to automate castings or other workpieces which need special handling.

    All these custom solutions can be implemented in the user-friendly HALTER SmartControl.

    The flexibility of the solutions that we offer ensures that you can automate even greater variation of workpieces.

    Optional functionalities:

    • Unloading workpiece on pallet
    • Unloading workpiece on external fixed position, e.g. conveyor belt
    • Unloading of residual material
    • Collecting a workpiece from a revolver tool
    • Cleaning of workpiece outside the CNC machine
    • Positioning workpiece on measuring station
    • Removal of rejected workpieces
    • Workpiece side-gripping
    • Workpiece orientation in chuck of the CNC machine
    • Customer-specific functionalities