HAINBUCH Jaw Module 3 Jaw and now NEW 2 Jaw.

    HAINBUCH Jaw Module 3 Jaw and now NEW 2 Jaw.

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    Added to MTD CNC: Wed Feb 03 2021

    Tradition is good. Combined with innovation it is even better. For 60 years we have been constantly developing new clamping solutions focusing on the

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    A new addition to the modular system family: the 2-jaw module.

    The small alternative to its very popular 3 jaw version


    Maximum flexibility for machining a wide range of parts and small quantities is not just wishful thinking, with the Hainbuch modular system it becomes reality. No matter what shape or size: round, profile, small or large, with the modular system you can clamp any kind of workpiece. The various adaptation clamping devices can be changed over very quickly and accurately, Hainbuch are constantly adding to their vast range of clamping devices, adding to its modular system so that users can always find the optimum solution for every clamping situation. However, one thing was still missing, an adaptation for clamping square and profile large parts, which is why Hainbuch has introduced the 2-jaw module to the market.


    The modular system: designed for maximum flexibility

    Round workpieces are clamped externally with classic clamping heads. But when these reach their limits, because a larger diameter of the workpiece needs to be clamped, then the 3-jaw module is used. And for profile parts, the 2-jaw module is used for clamping concentrically in machining centres and milling machines. In just two minutes, it is possible to change-over from O.D. clamping to Jaw clamping. The 2-jaw module can even be used at speeds of up to 1,500 rpm. Due to its small, lightweight design it is the perfect alternative to a large and heavy 2 jaw chuck. The basic unit into which the jaw module is inserted is a Hainbuch collet style chuck or Stationary chuck. Modules can be exchanged without changing the clamping device and, thanks to the integrated Centrex quick-change interface, no alignment is needed.


    Small, light and multitasking

    Fits perfectly into the Hainbuch modular system and is ideal on the lathe or Milling machine