The New GROB G150

    The New GROB G150


    Added to MTD CNC: Wed Jul 07 2021

    The GROB GROUP For over 90 years now, GROB, as a family-owned company, has been a leader in designing and building highly-innovative production and au

    Detailed Specification

    The G150 is the smallest universal machining center in the unique G-module concept of GROB and enables customers from various industries to machine with the highest precision. The machine’s unique axis arrangement permits overhead machining, offering you an optimum accessibility to the part and almost limitless possibilities for part machining. The unique arrangement of the three linear axes minimizes the distance between the guides and the machining point (TCP), lending the machine considerable stability. Our tunnel concept allows the largest possible component – even in the case of with extremely long tools – to be machined within the work area without collision.


    GROB G150 5-axis universal horizontal machining center

    Control system: Siemens 840D sl or Heidenhain TNC – 640

    Table diameter: 380 mm

    Maximum table load: 250 kgs

    X-axis travel: 450 mm

    Y-axis travel: 670 mm

    Z-axis travel: 665 mm

    Spindle speeds to: Many available up to 42,000 rpm

    Spindle power: Spec depending

    Number of tools: 60 up to 144

    Tools shank: HSK-40 or 63