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    The GROB GROUP For over 90 years now, GROB, as a family-owned company, has been a leader in designing and building highly-innovative production and au

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    Pallet change – Rotary pallet change solution – Linear pallet change solution – Fastems Solution are all available at GROB Our vast experience in automotive part handling makes us world leaders in automation. Small to large components 1 machine to 100 machines we have a solution ready and waiting Improve the productivity of your GROB machine by setup during part machining. A rotating pallet changer exchanges the pallets between setup station and work area of the machine and clamps the pallets on the rotary table and the setup station. A high degree of process reliability is guaranteed by an integrated seating check system and by flushing the zero point clamping system during the pallet change sequence. The GROB rotary pallet storage system expands the G-module to a flexible production cell to offer optimum entry to automated, highly efficient production. Versions with up to 15 pallet storage positions at one to three levels. Easily accessible setup station arranged next to the machine control panel. Fast pallet change when using two pallets thanks to an innovative pallet changing device. Visualization and organization of production orders with flexible production control software. State-of-the-art production control software with 19-inch touchscreen panel The linear pallet storage system is a modular system designed for stand-alone machines or for linking identical machining centers. Customers can decide on two or more storage levels and a variable number of setup stations to suit their particular requirement.