GROB – 5 Axis MILL/TURN – Power Skiving / Traori-Turning and Gear Hobbing

    GROB – 5 Axis MILL/TURN – Power Skiving / Traori-Turning and Gear Hobbing


    Added to MTD CNC: Mon Apr 20 2020

    The GROB GROUP For over 90 years now, GROB, as a family-owned company, has been a leader in designing and building highly-innovative production and au

    Detailed Specification

    The compact G350T mill-turn machining center enables machining of smaller parts from practically any material in just one setup.

    Benefit from the process reliability and durability of the GROB machine concept and see for yourself the diverse range of applications our innovative G350T machining center covers.

    Three linear and two rotary axes permit 5-sided machining, 5-axis simultaneous interpolation as well as GROB TRAORI turning. With a swivel range of 230 degrees in the A’-axis and 360 degrees in the B’-axis, these machines offer the greatest possible positioning flexibility.

    To provide you with the best possible support for meeting the requirements of your mill-turn operations, GROB offers tables, optimized specifically for mill-turn operations, with significantly higher maximum speeds than pure universal milling machining centers. Mill-turn table T-slots arranged in a star shape (standard) Mill-turn table with pallet clamping system (option) Working travels in X-/Y’-/Z-axis (mm) 600/855/750 Max. speeds in X-/Y’-/Z-axis (m/min) 70/45/90 Interference diameter 600 (mm) Table diameter 570 (mm)  Table load 270/350 with/without pallet (kg) B’-axis speed 1,200 max (rpm) Tool length for single disk-type tool magazine 365 HSK-A/T63 (mm) Tool length for double disk-type tool magazine 365/180/550 HSK-A/T63 (bottom/top/over both disks) (mm)