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Digitization and networking with GROB-NET4Industry


Added to MTDCNC: Mon Apr 20 2020

Detailed Specification

Industry 4.0: GROB-NET4Industry modular web applications network your manufacturing facility across all plants and create global transparency in your production process.

With an integrated support concept, low system requirements and software that’s independent of the control systems

GROB-NET4Industry is the ideal solution for small, medium-sized and large organizations and connects up their production facilities, from manufacture through to machine service.

GROB4Line allows a GROB machine to be connected to the Internet. Consequently, it can be monitored and controlled via a smartphone

GROB4Analyze determines the machine data with performance indicators and visually prepares these data to maximum effect

GROB4Simulate produces an entirely virtual image of the machine, including tool, clamping system, part and NC program

GROB4Coach comprises a programming, simulation and training software solution and not only simplifies the development of part programs on the control-identical software, it also creates the platform for simulating the machining operation

GROB4Interface is the crucial link for networking the machine with other systems

GROB4Connect links your machine to the ERP, MES, PLM and TDM system. Via web technology, your production-related data can be transferred straight to the machine operator

GROB4Pilot offers the machine operator a modern working environment on the machine through a multi-functional user interface

GROB4Automation supplies your machining center with parts on pallets through a fully automated process

GROB4Track monitors the state of the machine. Thanks to an automated analysis function, the machine state is known at all times and unscheduled down times can be avoided.

GROB4Care gives you access to the spare parts of your GROB machines. The machines installed in your facility, along with their relevant assemblies and single parts, are included

GROB4Portal permits access to all GROB-NET4Industry products and solutions via one central interface. There is only one login for managing user data, applications and machine data

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