The Gewefa Securlok – 100% secure

    The Gewefa Securlok – 100% secure

    Supplied ByGewefa UK Limited

    Added to MTD CNC: Thu Oct 10 2019

    Gewefa UK Limited was established in 1992 and has rapidly established itself as the UK’s leading independent supplier of toolholding and allied

    Detailed Specification

    The Gewefa Securlok hydraulic side lock toolholder offers 100% tool shank security.

    The toolholder is essentially a hydraulic chuck design that, with the addition of a second mechanical side clamping mechanism, is ideal for general and heavy duty milling operations in titanium, composites and ISO S rated materials.

    Guaranteed concentricity – within 0.003mm TIR maximum – provides uniform chip load on each cutting edge for longer cutter life.  Suitable for use with standard cutters machined with a Weldon flat or a Whistle Notch connection.

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