New rotary union combines compact design with innovation

    New rotary union combines compact design with innovation

    Supplied ByGewefa UK Limited

    Added to MTD CNC: Thu Feb 20 2020

    Gewefa UK Limited was established in 1992 and has rapidly established itself as the UK’s leading independent supplier of toolholding and allied

    Detailed Specification

    New from OTT-Jakob and available exclusively in the UK from Gewefa is the 2KA-ME rotary union offering a simple, compact, all-in-one clamping condition monitor that combines proven rotary union technology with an innovative distance measurement system. 

    With modern machine tools, the availability of information about the clamping condition of the tool is absolutely essential in order to comply with safety guidelines. OTT’s dual-passage rotary union 2KA-ME makes it possible to supply hydraulic oil for unclamping operations through one passage whilst feeding another medium (e.g. coolant) through the second passage.