Centering feature is spot on from Gewefa

    Centering feature is spot on from Gewefa

    Supplied ByGewefa UK Limited

    Added to MTD CNC: Thu Oct 10 2019

    Gewefa UK Limited was established in 1992 and has rapidly established itself as the UK’s leading independent supplier of toolholding and allied

    Detailed Specification

    Gewefa has developed a ‘centering’ feature for its hydraulic face mill adaptors that enhances the all-important location of the cutter in the adaptor.  The benefits are increased insert life – as much as 50% – and improved surface finish.

    There are also enhancements in the anti-vibration damping features which also impact on surface finish.

    The feature opens up the possibilities for applying hydraulic face mill adaptors in volume manufacturing in a highly cost effective way.

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