Floyd Says Toodle Bye to Slow Driven Tool Speeds

Detailed Specification

Manufacturers using turning centres with high-pressure coolant (HPC) systems can now benefit from a unique solution to provide High Speed drilling or milling capability without the need of expensive High frequency spindles or similar technology. This innovative new tooling from Floyd Automatic Tooling uses the HPC to drive a turbine driven tool system that can achieve spindle speeds between 40-70,000 RPM.

Primarily designed to provide faster spindle speed for small diameter work, the new ‘TOODLE’ spindles can be easily used on most machines fitted with HPC and coolant filtering system.

The innovative and simple new system has a 25mm diameter spindle housing that incorporates two ball bearings, a turbine that is driven by the HPC and a locking cap. The Toodle system is supplied with an assembly device that enables the operator to assemble two bearings and a turbine onto the shank of a standard cylindrical tool. (Ø3, Ø4 or Ø6mm) The completed assembly is then fitted inside the 25mm diameter and 30mm long turbine housing. The final process is the tightening of the locking cap. All completed in less than two minutes, the Toodle is then ready to be installed on the machine tool.

Extremely reliable, flexible and interchangeable, the Toodle requires no machine adaptation and it can work in conjunction with ATC systems. The Toodle is available as the standard Toodle Blue 131 system or alternately as the Toodle Blue 90° unit. This configuration incorporates a 16mm diameter 54mm long tool shank that holds the high speed Toodle unit at 90 degrees.

The easily adaptable Toodle will deliver a maximum spindle speed upwards of 75,000rpm based on a coolant pressure of 60bar. For workshops operating machine tools with lower coolant pressure systems, the Toodle can be driven by a pressure as low as 6bar. This will yield an impressive spindle speed in excess of 24,000rpm.

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