Floyd Is Cool For Customers With New High Pressure Coolant Hoses

Detailed Specification

The HIRT-Line range of stainless steel adjustable and lockable coolant hoses and nozzles have been a revelation since the product was initially launched. Solving the problem of continually moving and frequently breaking coolant hoses, the HIRT-Line was introduced with two standard sizes – the success of the line now sees a third hose added to the range.

With the working envelope of a machine tool being a hostile environment, the robust and corrosion resistant HIRT-Line is a welcome addition to most machine tools. Primarily aimed at sliding head turning centres, Floyd Automatic has noted an increasing interest level from users of machining centres and larger turning centres. This clearly explains the arrival of the latest and largest addition to the hose line.

Initially, the HIRT-Line segmental hoses were developed with a Type-1 5.80mm outlet diameter nozzle and Type-2, 11mm diameter outlet nozzle. As these hose programs continue to grow in popularity, so does the demand from larger machine tool users. To this end, Floyd is now introducing the new, larger third version, the Type-3 hose that has an output nozzle of 19mm (3/4”). With the corrosion resistant and rigid hoses now available for bigger machine tools, isn’t it time you took a look? They may be the last coolant hoses you will ever need..

You can download the catalogue(s) for this and various other products on our website.

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