Floyd Increases Flexibility with New Tooling Line

Detailed Specification

Floyd Automatic has now extended its cutting tool line with the arrival of the W&F Micro range of interchangeable tools.

The new tooling system has a completely changeable head design that provides a versatile, quick change solution that retains precision to 0.002mm.

The new W&F Micro Series utilises ‘Face & Taper’ contact technology to guarantee precision repeatability of 0.002mm whilst giving the end user a remarkably fast tool change, which is ideal for pre-set tooling systems. The tool holder of the W&F Micro range remains in the machine whilst the head can be rapidly removed with a single screw that enables the operator to change inserts outside the machine if desired. For more spacious machine tool work envelopes, the inserts can be changed quickly with a single screw that requires no further adjustments.

With a single screw that locates the interchangeable head in the tool holder, the W&F Micro system has an innovative design that delivers the highest possible stiffness, rigidity and precision. This is guaranteed by a patented cylindrical stabiliser design that permits precise insert changes with speed and confidence. For further details, please contact Floyd Automatic Tooling.

You can download the catalogue(s) for this and various other products on our website.

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