Floyd Gets A Grip On Lights-Out Machining With Low Friction Guide Bushes

Detailed Specification

For sliding head turning shops that are running lights-out production, there’s a multitude of variables that can stop production. Now, Floyd Automatic removes one of those potential hurdles with its new Very Low Friction (VLF) guide bushes.

Anyone familiar with running a sliding head machine will know that difficult-to-machine aerospace alloys like titanium can ‘pick-up’ or ‘snag’ in the bore of the guide bush during production. This is particularly common among longer parts. More often than not, this results in bar seizures and the potential loss of hours of unmanned production. Added to the cost of lost production is the time to disassemble the guide bush, re-adjust and re-set it. Whilst the operator is tending to this issue, your high-end production machine is not making parts or generating income.

The Floyd Automatic solution is the new range of VLF guide bushes. The VLF guide bushes are coated with a tungsten based layer that reduces friction, eliminates sticking or bar ‘pick-up’ and dissipates heat more efficiently than alternate guide bushes. Not only will customers benefit from improved machine utilisation but surface marking is drastically reduced and scrappage rates from aesthetic marking are also eliminated. The coating can be applied to any guide bush, and can be reapplied if required. For anybody running lights-out, further details on these VLF guide bushes can be obtained from Floyd Automatic Tooling…

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