Products available from Floyd Automatic

    Products available from Floyd Automatic

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    We provide the turned part and precision component machining industry with specialist tooling to a wide variety of subcontract and OEM component manuf

    Detailed Specification

    For sliding head machines, we offer different types of tooling from a variety of suppliers.


    | Alesa – Carbide and HSS High Performance Tooling

    | Applitec – Cutting Tools and Carbide Saws

    | FLO-Tool – Tooling for Sliding Head Machines

    | Habegger – Thread Rolling Solutions

    | HEB – Quickchange High-Pressure Coolant Connectors & Hoses

    | Hirt-Line – Adjustable & Lockable Coolant Nozzle System

    | Ifanger – Internal boring tools

    | Madaula – Driven Tools

    | Manigley – Taps & Dies

    | MASA Tool Microconic Precision Sub-Spindle Collets

    | Mikron tool – High Performance Drills & Mills

    | Schaublin – Collet & Spindle Tooling

    | Schwanog – Precision Form Tools

    | Wagner – Thread Rolling and Cutting Tools

    | Wibemo – Mowidec-TT Smart Centering System

    | Zeus – Knurling and Roll Marking Tools


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    We also offer technical advice and support. If you have a problem, you need solving then contact our technical team – they can find the right tool for your needs!