Alesa NUTEX Mono

    Alesa NUTEX Mono

    Supplied ByFloyd Automatic Tooling Ltd

    Added to MTD CNC: Mon Mar 30 2020

    We provide the turned part and precision component machining industry with specialist tooling to a wide variety of subcontract and OEM component manuf

    Detailed Specification

    • Nutex Plus MONO carbide “ONLY” This latest addition to the Alesa NU-TEX range offers unparalleled performance for those applications where standard saws blades or cutters fail to deliver. Available from Ø25×2 to Ø50×4, this dual sintered solid carbide shank and cutter provides ultimate rigidity, and vibration free machining. Carbide quality for the cutting edges -sintered together with a strong/tough shaft. Advantage:Designed for very deep cuts on small toll diameter relive ground, chip breaker
    • Very high accuracy of radial and axial deflection Internal cooling holes

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