Predictive production planning by Fastems – MMS

    Predictive production planning by Fastems – MMS

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    Fastems do difficult things. Founded in 1901, Fastems are recognised globally as market leaders in the field of Factory Automation & Digital Manuf

    Detailed Specification

    The Most Intelligent Software in the Industry 4.0

    The Manufacturing Management Software (MMS) by Fastems calculates, even days ahead, automatically the optimized production workflow and necessary resources based on orders – there is no hassle even when sudden changes occur. The MMS manages different kinds of intelligent pallet and part automation solutions as well as standalone machines and other non-automated operations.

    Why MMS?

    • Suitable for diverse production needs: high product mix, low volume, and small batch production 
    • Scales up from simple standalone work cells to highly complex automated production lines 
    • Maximizing spindle uptime and high delivery reliability 
    • No more scheduling problems because of missing tools, urgent orders, unexpected machine stops, and incorrect NC program revisions 
    • Easy integration of different production machinery and data systems (e.g. ERP and CAM) 

    The MMS is the heart of the intelligent automation factory automation solutions that Fastems offers. The MMS is user-friendly and offers better work ergonomics and less manual operations for every person around the production. Have a look at the MMS brochure for more information.

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