Tailored Flexible Manufacturing Solution from Fastems – MLS

    Tailored Flexible Manufacturing Solution from Fastems – MLS

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    Fastems do difficult things. Founded in 1901, Fastems are recognised globally as market leaders in the field of Factory Automation & Digital Manuf

    Detailed Specification

    The Multi Level System (MLS) by Fastems handles even the most demanding and complex manufacturing settings: it manages tools, finishing processes, quality control, automatic fixture loading (and manual machine tool scheduling). It comes with a wide range of loading and material stations. Payloads vary from 500 to 11,000 kg. 

    Benefits of MLS: ​

    • Automation solution for every 3 to 5 axis machine tool ​
    • The flexible manufacturing solution can be tailored​
    • Integrate tool automation, large or heavy pallets, loading stations, or material logistics  ​
    • A compact footprint and easy to extend the system ​
    • High pallet transfers per hour-capacity ​
    • Ready for robotic applications and customized integration ​

    With the MLS, one can minimize the costs, repetitive tasks, lead and setup times, which enables to maximize the productivity, spindle hours and quality. The MLS integrates and automates any machine tools and value-adding processes together. ​

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