8760 Care – remote support around the clock

    8760 Care – remote support around the clock

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    Fastems do difficult things. Founded in 1901, Fastems are recognised globally as market leaders in the field of Factory Automation & Digital Manuf

    Detailed Specification

    With Fastems 8760 care, experienced and knowledgeable professionals are on hand to support your technical challenges in a time-critical manner. The service is continuous as part of defined SLA contract OR flexible with ‘pay per call’ access. 

    Why Fastems 8760 care? ​

    • 24/7 technical remote support ​
    • Online view to the troubleshooting status ​
    • Periodical system backup and remote connection tests for contract customers ​
    • In-depth trouble shooting capabilities via remote desktop connection​
    • Video diagnostics and meetings​

    With Fastems 8760 care, your issue or matter is fixed by experienced and knowledgeable professional in a time-critical manner. The service is continuous as part of contract OR pay per call. ​

    If you are interested to know more about 8760 care, contact your Local Fastems Service person, Paul Silvester: ​

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