Eurospark Joemars TRM 100 Broken Tap Remover

Detailed Specification

A fast and efficient way of removing broken drills and taps without any damage to the host component.

This is a portable unit and uses a single phase power supply and ordinary tap water as the dielectric medium to achieve cost effective results.

Eurospark, a specialist in EDM, is the sole distributor of the TR100. It has been sold throughout the UK, Ireland and mainland Europe since the early 90s. Since that time it has been used in all manner of applications across all industries, from the Royal Navy to Formula One to a vehicle repair shop. Any company that needs to remove studs, drills, taps etc. has an application particularly on large components or those that require machining in situ saving the time involved in breaking down fixtures or machines. The TR100 is normally used on site within the existing setup.

The TR100 unit is simple to use and requires no special skills, paying for itself reducing scrap and wasted man-hours. In the main, there are never any issues with this unit, but in the rare case service or repair is needed they are handled by our in house team. All relevant spares are kept in stock.

These units are in stock, contact us for more information and price. 

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