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MOTOREX SwissCool 8000 – High Performance Water Miscible Metalworking Fluid

Supplied By ETL Fluid Experts Ltd

Added to MTDCNC: Fri Aug 28 2020

Detailed Specification

High performance water-miscible metalworking coolant: New performance additives provide outstanding wettability and optimum cooling and lubricating properties.


  • Free from formaldehyde – Mild formulation
  • Excellent cutting performance – Above average tool life. Suitable for high-alloy steels and aluminium.
  • Water hardness – Forms stable and low-foam emulsions with preparation water from 5dh to 30dh.
  • Complies with current legislation. – Meets the requirements of TRGS 611.
  • Good rinsing behaviour – clean machine tools
  • Outstanding corrosion protection – Protects machines and parts.
  • Excellent biostability – The selected formulation prevents uncontrolled biological growth, resulting in a long emulsion service life.

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