ESPRIT for Profit – the CAM solution for your tools


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    Machining may be our industry, but we’ve got the fast-moving spirit of a tech company. Established in 1982 by industry veterans Dan Frayssinet and Pau

    Detailed Specification

    Does your cutting tool need a CAM software? We have the right package for you. ESPRIT for Profit is a new special ESPRIT edition designed to fully leverage high-speed machining technology unlocking the full potential of your tools. There are many very efficient tools on the market. To use them at full power you need to program them with specific tool path that just a CAM system can do. Offered via yearly subscription, ESPRIT for Profit doesn’t require users to purchase a full CAM system or an extra add-on. ESPRIT for Profit is available for milling with ESPRIT’s ProfitMilling® cycle or for turning using ESPRIT’s ProfitTurning® cycle, and you can purchase the high-speed machining cycle in combination with the standard digital machine package for just a 450€ yearly subscription.

    ProfitMilling is a unique, patented high-speed roughing strategy that saves time, money, and tooling over traditional concentric roughing and pocketing cycles. ProfitTurning gives you an easy-to-program solution that brings faster cycle times and longer tool life to your lathe roughing and grooving cycles.

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    ESPRIT for Profit is exclusively available in the European sales region. If you work outside Europe, please contact us for alternatives.