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    Added to MTD CNC: Mon Jan 25 2021

    Machining may be our industry, but we’ve got the fast-moving spirit of a tech company. Established in 1982 by industry veterans Dan Frayssinet and Pau

    Detailed Specification

    ESPRIT offers a powerful suite of multi-axis probing cycles for any combination of CNC machine, control, and touch probe manufacturer. ESPRIT Multi-Axis 3+2 probing cycles may be added at any point during the part program and combined with other ESPRIT cycles into one complete part program to support all machining and on-machine inspection needs. Using the ESPRIT Digital Machine, probing cycles are automatically chosen based upon the part geometry selected for inspection. Simulation is performed prior to machining to verify the probing in combination with all other machining processes. Finally, edit-free G-code is generated to activate the corresponding probing cycles embedded in the physical machine’s control.

    • A powerful suite of probing cycles
    • Naturally integrated into the ESPRIT workflow 
    • Universally available for any CNC machine, control, and touch probe
    • Combining machining and inspection into one complete program

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