ESPRIT CAM for Mazak Integrex


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    Machining may be our industry, but we’ve got the fast-moving spirit of a tech company. Established in 1982 by industry veterans Dan Frayssinet and Pau

    Detailed Specification

    With ESPRIT, you can tap into your machine’s entire capability to create your programs. Like Mazak, we believe in the “Done in One” concept, and we deliver on that promise.

    We have spent 20 years developing the industry standard for mill-turn/multitasking, working in residence at Mazak’s Tech Centers to develop our solutions. ESPRIT lets you program your Mazak Integrex with confidence, making it the most productive machine in your shop.

    ESPRIT’s Capabilities: 

    • 5-axis milling
    • Part exchanges between main and sub (all of them)
    • High-speed machining – milling and turning
    • Synchronous turning and milling
    • Balanced turning/milling
    • Syncing operations both hard and soft – (operation to operation or NC code to NC code)
    • Deburring
    • Time studies—per spindle or turret
    • Exacting “digital twin” simulation
    • Automatically generated shop floor documentation
    • …and much more!

    Generating Code:

    • In our industry, we know that a CAM system is only as good as the NC code it creates. ESPRIT delivers edit-free and optimized NC code, the first time and every time!

    Mazak and DP Technology have collaborated technically in response to increasing demand from users who desire software that yields better production value and greater machining utilization. The result is a CAM solution that streamlines operations on the shop floor and simplifies the programming process. 

    Mazak and DP Technology continue ongoing development to maintain a suite of post processors and machining configurations within ESPRIT to support the full line of Mazak machine tools.

    Proud member of the MAZAK VIP Program.

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