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Added to MTDCNC: Mon Nov 16 2020

Detailed Specification

Additive for Direct Energy Deposition (DED) is available within ESPRIT®, the full-spectrum CAM system, offering programming, optimization, and simulation for both additive and subtractive processes in one integrated solution.

  • Side-by-side additive and subtractive programming
  • Natural workflow for hybrid or dedicated additive machines 
  • Stock-aware cycles for both additive and subtractive
  • Full simulation of both additive and subtractive processes

DED 3+2

This 3-axis DED cycle is used for builds where the workpiece may be oriented in 5-axis, then built layer-by-layer using a 3-axis process. Stock allowance may be added around the build for subsequent finishing operations using traditional subtractive processes. The user may choose between contouring and contouring with filling strategies including offset, raster, and zig-zag to produce the desired result.

  • 3-axis DED with 4th or 5th axis positioning
  • Filling strategies for solid workpieces
  • Added stock for subtractive finish machining 

DED 4-Axis

Rotary DED has the same capabilities as 3+2 with the addition of allowing deposition while simultaneously rotating the workpiece around an axis. The trajectories for the build are made of circular offsets using a specializer slice to build the feature, layer-by-layer.

  • Includes 3+2 capabilities plus
  • Simultaneous 4th axis rotations
  • Circular trajectories using a specialized slicer to build the feature, layer-by-layer

DED 5-Axis

5-axis DED is used when the part must be tilted dynamically while material is being added. The cycle will automatically calculate simultaneous 5-axis motions to properly tilt the head whenever it is needed for proper material deposition, enabling a simultaneous 5-axis building process that can include timing for any required cooling.

  • Automatic 5-axis motions for optimal material deposition
  • Optional timing for cooling

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