***IN STOCK 2020***GEMINIS GT5 G2 – 1200 X 5000

    ***IN STOCK 2020***GEMINIS GT5 G2 – 1200 X 5000

    Supplied ByDTS (UK) Ltd

    Added to MTD CNC: Wed Mar 04 2020

    DTS (UK) Ltd was founded in 2005 by Gary Sanderson and Andrew Bailey, each well respected and with a wealth of experience in the machine tool industry

    Detailed Specification

    Now IN STOCK, short delivery on Geminis GT5 G2 – 1200×5000




    Height of centres (mm) 615

    Swing over bed (mm) 1200

    Swing over cross slide (mm) 850

    Distance between centres (m) 5


    Spindle bore diameter (mm) 104

    Spindle nose DIN 55026-11

    Spindle diameter at front bearing (mm) 150

    Speed range I 0-175

    Speed range II 0-350

    Speed range III 0-700

    Speed range IV 0-1400

    Torque S1/S6 (Nm) 4000 / 4850

    Main motor power S1/S6 (KW) 30 / 37


    Longitudinal slide rapid traverse (m/min) 8

    Cross slide rapid traverse (m/min) 8

    Cross slide travel (mm) 600

    Width of longitudinal slide (mm) 900

    Width of transversal slide (mm) 400


    Quill diameter (mm) 160

    Quill traverse (mm) 300


    Width guides (mm) 655

    Height to the flat guide (mm) 800


    Between centres(kg) 6000

    On air (gravity centre at 250mm) (kg) 1200

    Machine weight 1m (kg) 12000

    Weight of each extra meters (kg) 1200