Heavy Duty Honor VL-200CM

    Heavy Duty Honor VL-200CM

    Supplied ByDTS (UK) Ltd

    Added to MTD CNC: Tue Jul 20 2021

    DTS UK is the exclusive distributor of some of the leading brands in machine tools into the UK and Ireland. We are renowned in the market for the

    Detailed Specification

    Honor VL-200CM Heavy Duty Vertical Lathe, new to DTS in the UK. Heavy duty vertical lathes now available in varying sizes, this particular model is spec’d as below

    Max Swing: 2500mm

    Max Turning Dia: 2500mm

    Max Turning Height: 1600mm

    Table dia: 2000mm

    Spondle speed: 3-200rpm

    ATC: 16 positions

    Live Tool Spindle