Darex V391

Detailed Specification

Darex V391

Ideal For: Shops that demand a precision sharpener at a value price that operates quickly and intuitively

Adjustment includes point angle, relief angle, point split angle and depth as well as stock removal.

Grit Removal System: Optional vacuum

Cutting Tool Diameter: 3–19 mm

Options Available: Morse Taper chuck

Operation Mode: Manual

Machine Weight: 11 kg

Point Angles Sharpened: 118°–140°

Machine Size: 30 x 28 x 23 cm

Point Styles Sharpened: Standard conic and split point

Sharpening Wheel Included: Borazon (CBN) for HSS & cobalt (diamond option for carbide available)Remove reference to diamond wheel

Power: 3 amps at 230V; 3450 rpm

Priced right for small shops – even very small shops can economically sharpen their own drills in real time. The Darex V391 incorporates much of the same technology in the more advanced machines and is the perfect choice for shops that need a sharpener for intermittent use. It’s simple, intuitive design gives everyone access to sharp drills when you need them. The V391 comes standard with a CBN grinding wheel for HSS drills and an additional diamond wheel is available for carbide drills. The V391 is adjustable for point angle, relief angle, point split angle and depth as well as stock removal and no tools are required for any adjustments on the machine. The V391 will accept an optional vacuum accessory which attaches to the vacuum port. If vacuum is not used, the V391 features a grit tray for dust collection.

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