Darex CNC XPS-16+

Detailed Specification

The XPS-16+i Automatic 4-axis CNC Drill Sharpener and Grinder is an extremely accurate workhorse for high tech applications.

The XPS-16+i is for shops that demand the ultimate in precision, simplicity and productivity. The XPS-16+ can do it all – with the touch of a button

Duty Rating: Heavy duty, high capacity

Grit Removal System Included: Vacuum

Cutting Tool Diameter: 2.5–16 mm

Work Holding: 6 pc Chuck Jaw system or 16 pc ER-25 collet system

Operation Mode: Automatic

Machine Weight: 52 kg Vacuum 13 kg

Point Angles Sharpened: 90°–150°

Machine Size: 66 x 56 x 30.5 cm

Point Styles Sharpened: Standard conic, 4-facet, standard and radius split point

Sharpening Wheel Included: 180 grit Borazon (CBN) for HSS & cobalt; 220 grit Diamond for carbide

Options Available:

260 grit and 320-400 grit diamond wheels

Machine cover


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