Darex 3000I Drill Sharpener

Detailed Specification

The Darex XT-3000 Drill Sharpener is a workhorse sharpener which can be expanded to meet a variety of sharpening needs. It sharpens a wide variety of sizes and styles of drills and other tools with ease and accuracy. Using our patented chuck/cam design allows anyone to be a sharpening expert with a few minutes of instruction. The XT-3000 comes standard with CBN grinding wheels for HSS drills and additional diamond wheels are available for carbide drills. A range of additional attachments is available that can be interchanged in seconds and all adjustments can be made without tools. Incorporating 30 years of sharpening experience, the Darex XT3000 is the finest, most technologically advanced manual drill/tool sharpener ever produced.


Ideal For: Shops that sharpen a variety of drill sizes and styles and want the advantages of a highly advanced manual drill and tool sharpener

Acceptable drill diameter: 3mm (.118, 1/8 inch) – 21 mm (.826, 13/16 inch)

Acceptable drill length: Unlimited maximum, two inch minimum.

Grit Removal System: Optional vacuum

Cutting Tool Diameter: 1/8 inch – 13/16 inch (3–21 mm)

Machine Weight: 31 kg

Point Angles Sharpened: 118°–150° (90° option available)

Point Styles Sharpened: Standard conic and split point

Sharpening Wheel Included:

Borazon (CBN) for HSS & cobalt (diamond option for carbide available)

Options Available:

  • Large drill attachment (21–30 mm)
  • XY Table attachment
  • Countersink attachment
  • Brad point attachment
  • Step drill attachment
  • 90°–120° attachment
  • Machine cover
  • 180-grit diamond wheel

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