Cogsdill ZX Facing and Contouring heads now available Direct from STOCK in the UK

    Cogsdill ZX Facing and Contouring heads now available Direct from STOCK in the UK

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    Cogsdill offers its 21st century customers the same commitment that inspired its founder: We develop and build innovative tooling solutions for the to

    Detailed Specification

    We’re talking Heads!

    The ZX Facing & Contouring heads offer the greatest versatility of all from the Cogsdill ZX Tooling range. These heads have a single tool slide onto which top tooling is mounted into qualified locating holes. This provides for repeatable set-ups.

    With appropriate top tooling, these heads can perform boring, facing, O.D. turning, grooving, taper boring, radius forming, chamfering, recessing, and threading. Large parts can be machined without having to remove the work piece.

    Internal through coolant is standard across the range.

    Product features:

    Perform Lathe-type operations on boring mills

    Maximum application flexibility – machine I.D.s, O.D.s, faces, tapers, radii, and contours.

    Large Diameter Range (from 0mm to 1700mm on ZX900)

    Accepts industry-standard top tooling components and inserts (Modular tooling packages also available)

    Qualified tool location points in tool slide for accurate and repeatable set-ups

    Extremely rigid and durable design

    High material removal rates

    Backlash-free operation

    Operating principles

    ZX Facing & Contouring heads offer the greatest diameter range of movement (up to 254mm / 10.0 inches) in one set-up. Six standard head sizes are available with actuation ratios of 2:1 and 1:1, depending on the model selected. Special modifications are available on request to accommodate unique part requirements. See comparison table for further information.

    Modular tool slide adapters are available to meet the machining requirements of most components. These adapters are also offered in a range of commercially available tooling systems such as Capto®, ABS®, KM® and others.

    We hold ZX200, ZX300 and ZX420 heads in stock.

    Available for immediate shipping!

    Multiple Functions. Maximum Flexibility.

    The most versatile solution to increase the productivity of your HBM.

    ZX 200

    ZX200-TC Facing and Contouring Head


    Slide Length   200mm

    Maximum Stroke   38mm

    Maximum Boring Diameter   500mm

    Maximum Speed   800RPM

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    ZX 300

    ZX300-TC Facing and Contouring Head


    Slide Length   300mm

    Maximum Stroke   75mm

    Maximum Boring Diameter   800mm

    Maximum Speed   500RPM

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    ZX 420

    ZX420-TC Facing and Contouring Head


    Slide Length   420mm

    Maximum Stroke   102mm

    Maximum Boring Diameter   980mm

    Maximum Speed   350RPM

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    ZX 500

    Z500-TC Facing and Contouring Head


    Slide Length   500mm

    Maximum Stroke   102mm

    Maximum Boring Diameter   1060mm

    Maximum Speed   300RPM

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    ZX 700

    ZX700-TC Facing and Contouring Head


    Slide Length   700mm

    Maximum Stroke   127mm

    Maximum Boring Diameter   1330mm

    Maximum Speed   250RPM

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    ZX 900

    ZX900-TC Facing and Contouring Head


    Slide Length   900mm

    Maximum Stroke   127mm

    Maximum Boring Diameter   1700mm

    Maximum Speed   150RPM

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