Cogsdill Shefcut Reamers – Cylinder Head Cam-Bore Machining

    Cogsdill Shefcut Reamers – Cylinder Head Cam-Bore Machining

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    Cogsdill offers its 21st century customers the same commitment that inspired its founder: We develop and build innovative tooling solutions for the to

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    Cogsdill has been designing and manufacturing special tools for the automotive industry for over 100 years. Pioneers such as Henry Ford and the Dodge brothers, relied on Cogsdill to develop innovative tooling solutions for their tough manufacturing problems. Our founder, Stuart Cogsdill established himself from the outset as ‘the problem solver.’ A heritage we are proud of and still the reason why top marque automobile manufacturers and leading global racing teams rely on us for their finishing touch.





    Today, Cogsdill relies on their vast experience in dealing with automotive engineers worldwide to develop new tooling for a variety of applications. Be it machine builder, OEM or tier supplier, Cogsdill can assist and support new projects and processes for maximum productivity and cost reduction efforts.

    The Shefcut design concept

    Conventional multi-fluted reamers are guided by their cutting edges. The Shefcut design separates the cutting, guiding, and supporting functions of the tool for maximum advantage.

    Because the cutting blade is independent of the tool body, it can be micro-adjusted over a limited range and pre-set to a cut diameter that the tool will then produce with consistent accuracy. Worn cutting blades can be replaced quickly and easily.

    Pads that are independent of the cutting blade optimize the guiding and supporting functions of the tool. While the tool is in operation, cutting forces are opposed by pad reaction forces in perfect balance, providing rigid support for the blade edge. Pads can be tailored to suit the application; e.g., for interrupted cuts, piloted operations, etc.


    Machining camshaft bores on machining center line: Shefcut short-length pad-guided tool semi-finishes and finishes first journal. Piloting in finished first journal, Shefcut long-length pad-guided tool semi-finishes and finishes remaining journals.



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