Cogsdill Make boring, well… Interesting

    Cogsdill Make boring, well…  Interesting

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    Cogsdill offers its 21st century customers the same commitment that inspired its founder: We develop and build innovative tooling solutions for the to

    Detailed Specification

    Boring just became interesting!!

    ZX Modular Boring Tools (MBT) offer versatility and economy when machining bores, counter-bores, tapers, threads, and complex contours inside components, over a wide range of diameters. These tools offer the highest cutting speeds and material removal rates available.

    The MBT series is available in single-slide (MBT-S) and twin-slide (MBT-T) versions. All MBT tools feature 2:1 actuation ratio for easy programming.

    The unique modular design makes adjustment of length and configuration not only fast and easy, but cost effective too. The MBT range can simply be converted for valve seat pocket machining, bottle boring or other extended-reach applications with the addition of extensions and pilot supports – adding to their versatility and adaptability, whilst eliminating the need for additional tools. With a long tool slide stroke, that is supplemented by using different cartridges, they can cover an even wider diameter range – no need to change the tool slide(s) or remove the head from the machine. The tools can perform versatile forward and back boring operations, such as back counter-bores, internal grooves, faces, and bottle bores. Stepped and tapered bores are machined without tool changes offering exceptional concentricity. Accuracy is maintained as the tool slide(s) adjusts for various diameters whilst the tool stays on the same bore centreline.

    Product features:

    Bottom-facing capability available for blind bores.

    Twin-slide tools offer balanced cutting forces for high feeds and speeds and high material removal rates.

    Internal through-tool coolant is standard.

    Fully enclosed actuation mechanism: No chip packing.

    Internal forward hard stop and anti-torque features protect the tool in case of mishaps.

    Modular Design. Increased Functionality.

    From short bores to long components with one extendable modular system.

    We hold standard Modular Boring Tools in stock – other sizes available upon request.

    MBT 50

    MBT-50-S Modular Boring Tool (single slide)


    Tool Diameter   50mm

    Maximum Stroke   23mm

    Standard Capacity

    (default configuration)   50mm – 96mm

    Maximum Capacity

    (extended cartridge

    with extended slide)   72mm – 118mm

    Work Length   305mm

    MBT 75

    MBT-75-S Modular Boring Tool (single slide)


    Tool Diameter   75mm   75mm

    Maximum Stroke   32mm   22mm

    Standard Capacity

    (default configuration)   75mm – ?139mm   75mm – ?119mm

    Maximum Capacity

    (extended cartridge

    with extended slide)   150mm – ?214mm   150mm – ?194mm

    Work Length   350mm < 86mm

    414mm < 125mm

    454mm < 155mm

    622mm < 214mm   386mm < 86mm

    450mm < 125mm

    490mm < 155mm

    658mm < 194mm

    MBT 100

    MBT-100-S Modular Boring Tool (single slide)


    Tool Diameter   100mm   100mm

    Maximum Stroke   45mm   23mm

    Standard Capacity

    (default configuration)   100mm – 190mm   100mm – 146mm

    Maximum Capacity

    (extended cartridge

    with extended slide)   184mm – 274mm   184mm – 230mm

    Work Length   454mm < 125mm

    486mm < 155mm

    654mm < 274mm   483mm < 125mm

    515mm < 155mm

    684mm < 230mm

    MBT 125

    MBT-125-S Modular Boring Tool (single slide)


    Tool Diameter   125mm   125mm

    Maximum Stroke   54mm   30mm

    Standard Capacity

    (default configuration)   125mm – 233mm   125mm – 185mm

    Maximum Capacity

    (extended cartridge

    with extended slide)   212mm – 320mm   212mm – 272mm

    Work Length   524mm < 155mm

    692mm < 320mm   556mm < 155mm

    725mm < 272mm