CNC LATHE | TD Z3200 | CMZ

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    We have been in the market more than 75 years. Being part of an ever-changing sector like machine tools has has forced us to renew, reinvent ourselves

    Detailed Specification

    Big does NOT mean slow.

    The TD Z3200 CNC lathe is synonymous with power, precision and reliability suitable for machining large parts. The secret of CNC lathes is from within. Our machines have first-class components manufactured at in house facilities. The operators that work with these powerful machines, will benefit from the drives of integrated spindles.

    • Integrated spindles with high torque and power.
    • Laser compensation in all axes, including the C axis.
    • Integrated motors cooled with oil.
    • Double pneumatic spindle chucks with an inner through hole of Ø 192
    • Turret with integrated motor and hydraulic clamped: 12,000 rpm / 105 Nm.