Citizen Ocean Autoload GN-3200

    Citizen Ocean Autoload GN-3200

    Supplied ByCitizen Machinery

    Added to MTD CNC: Fri Nov 15 2019

    Citizen Machinery UK Ltd, based in Bushey, is a CNC machine tool specialist supplying the latest CNC turning technology to UK industry. Following a me

    Detailed Specification

    High efficiency through space savings

    A compact design with a total machine width of 700 mm and a floor space requirement of 1.04m2 has made it possible to shorten production lines and improve factory space utilisation.

    The incorporation of a high-speed gantry loader with a loading time of 3.5 seconds and a wide choice of infeed and outfeed devices allows stand-alone automation or integration with other processes.

    High-precision positioning and exceptional accuracy

    A combination of a single slide construction, achieved using slides with excellent damping characteristics and a lubricating oil discharge control has increased follow-up performance for very small axis movement and has brought lost motion as close to zero as possible. Built-in spindles with forced cooling and built-in sensors give smooth rotation with low vibration thanks to beltless drive. This construction ensures outstanding accuracy and repeatability.

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