Citizen Miyano Fixed Head BNA – 42SY5/CY5

    Citizen Miyano Fixed Head BNA – 42SY5/CY5

    Supplied ByCitizen Machinery

    Added to MTD CNC: Tue Jan 05 2021

    Citizen Machinery UK Ltd, based in Bushey, is a CNC machine tool specialist supplying the latest CNC turning technology to UK industry. Following a me

    Detailed Specification

    Two BNA Series models with improved basic functions

    A surface plate structure, a tradition of the Miyano brand, has been carried over for the bed, an essential element for machining, while both size and weight have been increased in order to improve damping performance. Additionally, the coolant tank capacity has been increased to improve thermal stability. Rigidity of the entire turret tool post has been increased, and equipping with a Y axis enables the use of 12 stations. The number of installed tools has also been increased.

    The cover has been completely redesigned to improve workability.
    The opening has been enlarged for easier access and provided with a large window to improve visibility.

    The port through which chips fall has been enlarged and the removal port has been moved closer to the
    outer edge of the cover to make it easier to clean away chips.
    These new NC units are standard-equipped with a dual-check safety function to improve safety and