Citizen Miyano Fixed Head BNA-42MSY

    Citizen Miyano Fixed Head BNA-42MSY

    Supplied ByCitizen Machinery

    Added to MTD CNC: Fri Nov 15 2019

    Citizen Machinery UK Ltd, based in Bushey, is a CNC machine tool specialist supplying the latest CNC turning technology to UK industry. Following a me

    Detailed Specification

    The unique control system improves productivity by enabling overlap control and reduction of non-cutting time.

    Configured with two spindles and one turret and equipped with a Y axis and X2 axis, the BNA42MSY is able to handle complex machining, with short cycle times and fast set ups.

    The X2 axis to sub-spindle enables simultaneous independent machining of the front and back of the work-piece. This, in effect, provides the benefits of a twin turret machine with the significant cost savings of a single turret model.

    2 tool simultaneous cutting
    Renowned Miyano accuracy
    Quick to set up and changeover
    Highly efficient for small and medium batch sizes (lots)
    Compact design for improved floor space efficiency

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