Citizen Cincom L Series L12 – VII LFV

    Citizen Cincom L Series L12 – VII LFV

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    Citizen Machinery UK Ltd, based in Bushey, is a CNC machine tool specialist supplying the latest CNC turning technology to UK industry. Following a me

    Detailed Specification

    The L12: Handling All Small-diameter Work with 7-axis Control

    Detachable Guide Bushing and 15,000 min-1 High-speed spindle.
    Machining using a guide bushing is a useful method for long, slender work-pieces. On the other hand, using a interchangeable guide bushing with short work-pieces leaves a long remnant bar, increasing material costs. The optimum machine configuration differs according to the work-piece to be machined, and up until now a variety of different machines have been required. The L12 solves this problem.

    And now with the unique LFV technology – click here to find out more