Chick Qwik-LOK

Detailed Specification

Chick QwikLOK is an innovative workholding solution that maximises productivity. In its most popular form it uses three jaws to mount two workpieces in the same space that a traditional vice would only mount one. It can also be equipped with a single station jaw set for large, individual workpieces as well as a machinable faceplate which forms the base of a fixture and can be used for multiple small workpieces. The jaws change in seconds for fast setups and they locate precisely so they do not require re-skimming. When equipped with a faceplate, the workpieces can be loaded outside of the machine and, if 2 faceplates are used, it can be used as a manual pallet changing system.


Change jaws in seconds and complete a full setup in a few


Precise location of jaws means your datum is preserved every

time you remove the jaws. Once a job is setup, it stays setup.

Two parts in the same space as one. Maximise your working area

and optimise the toolpath.

More parts in the machine means longer cycles and more time away

from the machine.

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